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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a new connection?
Contact us with your necessary details. NID, active mobile number, and present address.
I am going to shift my location; how can I get a connection in my new place?

Send us your new place details, if there is network coverage we will reconnect you in the next 48 hrs.

Where is your office location?
Our location: Main Road, Professor’s Tower,,Ghatail,Tangail; website:; contact number: 01317-323112, 01317-323114; email address:
No internet connection showing what to do?
Restart your Router and other devices related to the internet connection.
After resetting the WIFI password, the internet connection not working; why?

Contact us or you may need to come to our office along with your Router.

What is your FTP link?
Contact our helpline for details.
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